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The Cajun Rodeo Association's goal is to encourage and promote professionally run rodeos with affordable entry fees, competent and honest officials, fair and equal stock in the Southern Louisiana region. To reduce traveling expenses, our rodeos are confined to the Southern Louisiana region with a pay-off both nights, enabling contestants to compete twice in one location. 

DECEMBER 5, 6, & 7 2014


The Cajun Rodeo Association will offer Steer Wrestling for the 2014 rodeo season.


ENTRY FEE: $60.00

(see rulebook for event rules)


The following are rule changes for the 2014 season.


1. Any intentional dragging will result in a "no - time"AND a fine of a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $500.  Any unintentional excessive dragging (approximately 10 ft.) after roper has completed tying calf will result in a "no - time".

                                                                           POINT AWARDS

  1. If there are ten (10) contestants or more, the first place winner will receive ten (10) points; second place will receive nine (9) points, and on down to the tenth place finisher receiving one (1) point. However,  If LESS than ten (10) contestants are entered in an event, points will still be issued to the first place winner according to the number of entries in that event.  e.g.  If there are only eight (8) contestants in an event, the first place winner will receive eight (8) points, the second place winner will receive seven (7) points, on down to the eight place contestant receiving one (1) point 


 9. Two hand- held digital watches must be used in the timed events. All digits beyond tenths will be ignored. Official time shall be the average of the two times, ignoring any digit beyond the tenths. All times in the timed events with the exception of the Barrel Racing is to be recorded in the 10ths of a second. If one of the two timers misses the start or stop or is delayed in starting or stopping the watch, or if the watch used by one timer malfunctions, that timer shall declare the problem to the other timer and only the time recorded by the other timer will be used.


              4. All CRA contestants are required to wear proper pants, long sleeve button down shirts, western hats, and boots. Chaps are optional. Shirts must be tucked in


 ENTRY FEE: $100.00/TEAM

29.   Contestant (Header or Heeler) that places 1st and 2nd will receive 1st place points and 2nd place points to the year end and the all around.

35.  Team Ropers will be able to rope on 1 end only at the finals. (If a contestant is in the Top 15 in the heading and heeling, he/she must choose to enter the finals as a header OR heeler.)


10. Team Ropers will be able to rope on 1 end only at the finals. (If a contestant is in the Top 15 in the heading and heeling, he/she must choose to enter the finals as a header OR heeler.)

15. Contestants must compete in a minimum of 3 rodeos to be eligible to compete at the finals.

                                    Books Open:
            6:00 - 9:00 PM Monday before rodeo

         Events and Entry Fees

      Ranch Style Bronc Riding - $60
      Calf Roping - $60
                          Steer Wrestling - $60
      Breakaway - $60
      Team Roping - $100/Team
      Barrel Racing - $60
              Bull Riding - $60

     Breakaway roping will be open to all girls and boys                            ages 15 & under or 50 & over.

     Team ropers can enter twice if roper switches                                    partners or ends.  

                                                 2014 Membership Application(click link to view & print)

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                     2014 Sponsor Form(click link to view & print)
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Printable Rule Book(click link to view & print) CRA_RULEBOOK_2014.pdf
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                         2014 Board Members

   President - Billy Allemand 985-860-5159
 Vice President - Lane Holland 225-916-6880
                         Secretary/Treasurer - Gina Allemand 985-868-5122
                         Ranch Style Bronc Director - Boogie Guidry - 
                         Calf Roping Director- Shannon"Tubbs"Richoux-985-856-6122
                         Breakaway Director - Leanna Arcement - 985-414-9927
                         Team Roping Director (Header) - Rurid James - 
                         Team Roping Director (Heeler) - Edward Young - 
                         Girls Barrel Racing Director - Anna Holland - 
                         Bull Riding Director -   Tyler Price - 985-209-7919
                         Contract Acts Director - 

                                APPROVED CONTRACT LIST:
                                   Billy Allemand - 985-860-5159
                                   Billy Doiron - 225-806-0142
                                   Chris McBride - 601-273-0031
                                   John Brown - 225-931-9210
                                   Ronnie Triche - 985-852-1457
                                   Shannon Richoux - 985-856-6122
 Robert Lee - 601-795-1422
Justin Pender - 2258-323-2087
Joey Begnaud - 337-207-2827
Teddy Alleman - 337-263-4135

                                   Amanda Johnson - 985-856-9534
                                   Gina Allemand - 985-868-5122
                                   Gwen Richoux - 985-856-9532
                                   Lacey Guidry - 985-856-4429

                                               STOCK CONTRACTORS
                                   BAR-L (Billy Allemand) 985-860-5159
                                   Far South Buckin' Bulls (Sheldon Price) 985-209-7919
                                   Rockin' R Rodeo (Ronnie Triche) 985-852-1457

                                    Brad Doiron - 985-860-5267
                                    Brandon Prejeant - 985-655-9384
                                    Bryant Pierce - 985-637-4080
                                    Dakota Ebare - 225-620-5678
Garrett Mire - 337-466-2787
Patrick Kelly - 337-661-9597

                                    Arthur Smith - 225-202-7599
                                    Clint Allemand  - 985-860-9564
                                    Jim Poole - 337-981-8190
                                    Robbie Bass - 601-472-0688

                                    Damon Wilson - 334-685-1252
                                    Dusty Myers - 662-665-5564
                                    Heath Breaux - 817-374-2280
                                    Joey Hacket - 903-908-4118
                                    John Breaux - 225-931-9210
                                    Reggie Purvis - 985-517-2393
                                    Ronald Burton - 817-239-4053

                                    Jeff Hedrick - 225-287-0758
                                    Justin Pender - 601-408-6598 
                                    Justin Blanchard - 225-413-1324
                                    Rudy Austin - 337-309-0225

                                2014 Rodeo Schedule will be posted soon

                          See Rule Book tab for all updated rules in each event

157 Fellowship Lane
Schriever, LA. 70395


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